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Economix World

Kristen Ng

Welcome to Kristen's Weekly Update.

In Economix World, today’s hot topics are all being portrayed through an economic scope, hoping to share valuable ideas towards everyday stories. This blog strives to connect economics to everyday life. 

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The system of trade. In here, money flow and currency are discussed.

The Practicals

Stream of income, poverty, education and standard of living are discussed in means of individuals, firms and countries.


Government, central bank and commercial banks are the main parties who participate in implementing policies to solve economic problems. 


External factors are various environmental matters that affect consumer spending business's buying habits. They can be natural disasters, the COVID pandemic et cetera.

Hot Discussion Forums


Pre-COVID 19 Oil Prices Versus Post-COVID19 Oil Prices

Just within half a year, oil prices bounded back up to positive 40 US dollars per barrel this October. Why and How?

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